1. Curiosity is your best virtue

In the world of design and branding, curiosity is crucial for discovering new ways of doing things and creating innovative solutions. It's important to be daring and unafraid of going against convention, as that is where true creativity lies. It's where brave brands are born, the ones that dare to be different.

2. The goal is to help

As graphic designers, our work has an impact on the environment, both in terms of functionality, aesthetics, and ecology. Our goal is to solve problems and assist others through our expertise. Whether it's organizing information efficiently or providing a fresh creative perspective, our aim is to make things easier for others. It's important that our impact is positive and that we contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly environment.

3. Don’t worry and stay busy

In the world of creative design, it's common to be concerned about results, process optimization, and delivery times, which can become paralyzing. To avoid this, it's important to focus and follow a creative process where creativity can flow freely. Staying focused on each step and ensuring it's the right one will leave no room for worry. So remember, being busy is better than being worried.

4. Constancy beats resistance

Creativity is not solely about moments of inspiration but rather a constant process of work and perseverance. It's important to confront challenges with determination and continue forward until the perfect solution is found. Consistency is key to achieving success, regardless of how difficult the journey may be. Train your skills and diligently work on them day after day. Remember that success is not solely determined by talent.

5. More facts, less words

As Dieter Rams famously said, "Less is more." This philosophy is always present in our design approach. Instead of boring you with endless speeches, we focus on creating visual and effective solutions that speak for themselves. We value tangible actions and concrete results over empty words and showmanship. We work with an action-oriented attitude to deliver standout results in the market.

6. Share your admiration

Sharing your admiration for the work of others can be a powerful tool for building meaningful relationships and fostering collaboration. We understand the importance of genuinely appreciating the effort and creativity of others. Showing enthusiasm for the talent that surrounds us can open up opportunities and build valuable relationships.

7. Experience fully, reflects thoughtfully, design purposely

In the creative process, it is essential to experiment, reflect, and create. When approaching a project, it's important to engage with it as if playing with the product. Enjoying the experience allows for reflection on what we are bringing to the user. Afterwards, it is analyzed, and conclusions are drawn on what is appealing and how to replicate it. Finally, only what is necessary is designed, without artifice, to create a complete experience. We believe this is the path to follow in order to create effective and memorable designs.

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